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Ridesharing for Cyclists!


What is it?
Ryde N Share helps stranded cyclists get unstranded and also rescue them from the rain. We can even help you get to a new cycling destination, far far away.
This service seamlessly connects drivers and cyclists through Social Media and Digital Marketing, think of Uber for cyclists.
It creates a powerful platform for pairing drivers and riders to support the cycling community since drivers have the means to transport other cyclists who are in need of a lift.

Cyclists Benefits:

  • Bike off the Covid-blues and get outside

  • Call a Driver to pickup/transport you and your bike in case of mechanical failure, accident, bad weather, etc

  • Reach new riding venues without investing in a car, hitch, and bike rack

  • Meet new cyclists 

  • Never get stuck walking your injured bike home

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Driver Benefits:

  • Meet new people that love biking as much as you

  • Earn extra cash while driving to your favorite biking trail

  • Share the ride and go green

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Destination Biking Made Easy

You've spent a lot of time and money to get the perfect ride, but you need a way to actually get your bike to all the beautiful trails in the Bay Area.

Our solution is Ryde & Cycle, a car-sharing service that gets you to where you want to be.

Registration is easy. No annual fee, pay only when you reserve a ride.


How does it work?

First, use our website to locate a Ryde & Cycle driver close to you. They will have a bike rack and have scheduled a ride-along opportunity.

Next, exchange information through Ryde & Cycle's custom and secure website.

Finally, schedule your perfect Destination Biking day. You can even bring along your friends!

Group Cycling

What destination do you want to travel to for biking?

Find bike friendly trails in your own locale.


California is one of the best places to bike in the world. There are so many scenic trails with breathtaking views that you will find it difficult to decide which to ride first.

Featured Area:

Monterey County ranks high in the must bike list. Click on the map to

view the online version for more detail. The local sites include Fort Ord,

mountainous sand dunes, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fishermen's Wharf,

and Cannery Row. 

While cycling through these areas, you'll encounter picturesque

coastal views of Monterey Bay, lush golf courses, and beautiful

residential neighborhoods.


You can even stop along Cannery Row and read about its fascinating history including the influence of John Steinbeck.

The cycling trails are well maintained, marked, and accessible. 

It is one of my favorite places to bike and it is only 40 miles away! I highly recommend it!

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Destination Riding

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